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My responsibilities encompass defining, developing, and delivering the Varonis design system, and adapting it to all advertising, marketing, and web. In the last 2.5 years, Varonis has gone through two brand refreshes. My contributions included researching, conceptualizing, creating assets, refining existing materials and launching those refreshes.
I also played a large part in redesigning the Varonis website, landing pages, email, social, Varonis Community, and Varonis brand microsite: I also manage print, digital assets, and template designs + built out framework for refresh rollout.

To enhance our efficiency and best practices (and keep our sanity) for our larger creative projects, I created a pre-mortem, creative kickoff, and post-mortem templates + agendas. These have been key for our team and have greatly paid off with smooth-running projects and opportunities to learn how we can learn from our past experiences.

Company culture is near and dear to my heart and I am always on the search for ways to bring joy to the office. At Varonis I pioneered the Varonis Creative Team Spirit Squad and kicked off monthly book club, “The Designer Things Club”. 

Rollerbanner + print ad

Data-First Forum is a Varonis webinar series that brings top-tier cybersecurity executives together for roundtable discussions about the most important topics on the minds of CISOs. The brand design carries through some keystone elements that make it a quintessential Varonis sub-brand while giving us space to play around and make this a truly special segment that gets folks excited to attend.

Art directed Data-First Forum illustrations

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