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As the ActiveProspect Senior Brand Designer, I am responsible for both developing and producing creative brand designs and overseeing all marketing initiatives to ensure that images and messages appropriately contribute to brand identity. I am accountable for reviewing marketing materials for accuracy and continuity. I plan and execute, concept to design to functionality of website, landing pages and email marketing campaigns as well as design, create and manage trade booths, printed marketing materials and any other necessary design assets to grow the brand. I create in-office swag for employees and clients from conception to completion.

I collaborate internally to conceptualize and execute creative solutions that can be translated across various media platforms including email campaigns, landing pages, social media, and print collateral. I capture brand imagery through both small-scale photoshoots and stock photography, both of which need to consistently match the brand aesthetic. I collaboratively contribute to internal brand discussions by attending conferences and meetings as necessary. I also work with sales, marketing, and client success team to identify, create, and update materials needed to gain and keep clients and customers and ensure brand consistency.

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