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Abe Biswas

Front End Software Developer, UI Designer

"As a technical implementation engineer myself, I am amazed by the artistry Heather produces because it is so outside of most of our wheelhouses. But, it isn’t just the high quality work Heather crafts that makes her special. I am most impressed by her repeated ability to boil down our complex, feature-loaded automation software suite into graphics, designs, and layouts that are super-easily consumable by prospects and customers alike. The results Heather produces are directly tied to revenue and make the Support team’s jobs a lot easier. We are able to refer eager-to-learn clients to beautiful webpages so they can get up to speed quickly. This allows for smoother communication between the client and the implementation team, allowing us to get to the root of client issue quicker and solving client issues quicker. Heather’s work has undoubtedly saved us a ton of time and added a lot of value to our process."

Alex Jones

Former Product Leader at ActiveProspect

"Heather is an outstanding designer who had a major impact the moment she joined the team, cleaning up all of our marketing materials, implementing a clean and visibly brighter aesthetic across the board - print, web and presentations. ActiveProspect’s marketing has personality for the first time, thanks to the myriad details she made sure to get right. Her work is thoughtful, well executed and beautiful. Heather holds her work to a high standard and defends it well, while accepting and internalizing feedback from people throughout the company in order to produce the best result possible."

Renee Combs

Director of Creative at Epic Western

"I had the pleasure of working with Heather Harbour at LIN Digital from 2014 - 2015. I witnessed Heather tackle many stressful and time consuming design projects at once and was successful at prioritizing high volume workflow. Heather has a great attention to detail and an amazing work ethic. Her design style is always on the cutting edge and she constantly surprised me with her sleek and beautiful design work. I've watched her take a project from zero assets and no direction to the most cutting edge design with nothing but praise from her clients. Heather has a great upbeat attitude and is easy to work with. She's a great team player and as a designer myself, I constantly ask her opinion on my own design work. I trust her with her opinions and her guidance and I know she's got amazing ideas. Heather is a highly motivated designer ready and willing to tackle whatever design tasks she's given. Give Heather a project and a deadline and she will nail it on time and on design point. Yes, she's that good!"

Nick Rodriguez

Writer, Educator, Editor and Content Developer

"Heather Harbour walks around with a master's mark on her forehead: she creates artful, thoughtful, and wicked gorgeous designs, and makes the whole creative process—from conception to execution—look easy. More to the point, though: Heather possess a powerful aesthetic intuition that translates into visual beauty. During the time I worked with her, I watched as she continuously found ten ways around any and every obstacle to create sensible, stunning pieces of mirco-art that, frankly, were beneath the tremendous practical and creative skills she brings to the table. Approachable in her demeanor, but firm in her execution, Heather was an absolute joy to work with. If my experience has taught me anything, it's that I can quickly assess and ally myself with creative brilliance: Heather Harbour is a brilliant artist, magnificent designer, and all around elemental force. Bring her onto your team, sling challenging projects her way, and watch her work her magic."

Alan Farmer

Former Team Lead - System Solutions at Library Video Company

"I had the pleasure of working with Heather when I hired her for a freelance packaging project. She sent me several ideas within a few hours and that helped shape the way the project was going to turn out. (which turned out amazing) She has an incredible eye for creativity, had a very fast turnaround and was very much a pleasure to work with! Would highly recommend and will be looking to her for any future design projects."

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